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Space Baby audience members have a lot of nice things to say!

Ray, writer/director/actor

     How can you go wrong with these little kids! You can tell the actors had such a great time making the film. Rex was way ahead of his time when the film was shot, I’m actually glad it took so long to finish. 

     Kids and their imaginations! I love the siblings’ relationship. How Nature Girl stood up for Mental Man, there’s something beautiful about siblings taking care of each other.  

     Taking this long wasn’t about a lack of drive. It just happened to take 25 years to get where it’s at, and that’s fine. It was like, “I took time to be with my kids, that was my priority” — it wasn’t “get this film done no matter what.” It’s a family film, so how appropriate was it that it was put on hold for family. I love that the director put family first. 

Regina, writer/director

     I am so blown away by all of it. The special effects are crazy! It had so many bits that just catch you off guard, I love the humor in it, it was so pure, so heartwarming, so touching. I’m now inspired to look for the holy grail! 

Phil, singer/songwriter, filmmaker

The film was super charming. Those kids had such great personality, such great onscreen chemistry, it was hard not to get drawn into their playful adventure. 

     It was very brave to work with such a cast of non-actor children, but to have them deliver so well, so natural on camera, was inspiring to me.

     And Blue! That friendly guy that everyone adored. He lived beautifully, a lot of great hidden messages in the movie. 

Jose, Costa Rica film commissioner 

I’m thinking of being a father myself, so when Sam put on his helmet and the baby appears — I just loved it. I think we have to have magic in whatever we do, and this movie has magic! Congratulations!

Jax, singer/songwriter, actress/film student

     Your film Space Baby was so ridiculously inspiring! So beautiful and touching. The children are such natural actors! All the magic that you put into the film, believing in the universe…I was like “YES!” My heart melted into a thousand pieces at the end in the credits, you can tell everyone had so much fun making this film. The fact you took 25 years and did not give up, for this to be premiering at the Chinese Theater is such an achievement. It’s such an honor to be here! I’m inspired to finish more of my own films and music projects. So wonderful and beautiful.

Andrew, writer/producer/director

The film has a wonderful sensibility and freshness about it. Its themes are lovely, originally presented, timely, and very much hit a chord with our family. My kids – one boy, one girl – each identified with different elements of the film. My wife especially loved its spiritual elements.

 - Andrew Gellis, former VP of Production for Imax Films, and producer of over a dozen Imax films including SPACE STATION 3D, GALAPAGOS, T-REX 3D, and ACROSS THE SEA OF TIME

Mark O’Donnell, former SNL writer, winner of the Tony for Hairspray

A fine comedic performance by Nancy Sirois as Nurse Nancy!

David Kleiler, local film critic whose Boston Underground Film Festival awarded Runner Up for Best Feature for a rough cut of SPACE BABY

A work of genius. Even my most cynical friends cried at the end.

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