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Main Characters

Three friends -- and a fascist Nurse -- battle over the soul of the earth.

Sam aka
"Mental Man"

Eight-year-old Sam wants a baby brother to teach; as "Mental Man" he wants to be the smartest kid in the universe. He's a mad scientist, who believes only in reason and science.

Sophia aka
"Nature Girl"

Six-year-old Sophia talks to animals, and commands a squadron of feisty female ladybug fighter pilots. She stands up to fascist Nurse Nancy with courage and style.

Blue Genes, retired
baseball pitcher

The greatest pitcher of all time, Blue was also the "Keeper of the Holy Grail" and needs help from Sam and Sophia to rebuild it so they can get a long overdue new soul for the earth.

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy is a bona fide fascist, having lived for centuries in her bumbling attempts to destroy the Holy Grail. She and her demonic crow mean to stop Blue and the kids -- at any cost.

Additional Characters

Here are additional characters in the epic battle between good and evil!

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